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Electric Car Charging Station


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The average UK driver only travels 20 miles per day, so a lot of the time you won’t need to use public charging points; home charging will do just fine. There are two ways of doing it: the first is straight from the mains.


Many people choose to charge their electric vehicles – in a garage or driveway- from a domestic socket. Charging from the mains in the UK can take up to 18 hours.

As a short-term or occasional solution, charging from the mains domestic socket is fine. However, you can charge your car much faster if you install a specially designed charging point. For a 40KW battery a typical 7kW home charging point will charge an electric car from 0-100% over the course of around 3-5 hours for cars with a 60kW capacity 6-8 hours.


Home chargers can charge an electric vehicle from flat to full in 4 hours. Some are even quicker. Getting a charger installed on your property makes your life easier, for a number of reasons:

  • It means you can charge your car overnight, meaning no having to wait around at a charging station in the middle of nowhere.

  • It’s good if you live somewhere remote and don’t have access to nearby public charging points.

  • It allows you to charge up to 2.5x faster than with a 3 pin plug.

  • It means you can charge your car overnight at a set time and at a cheaper rate of electricity. Which tariff you pay is dependent on your supplier .

  • No having to wait around at a charging station in the middle of nowhere.





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